My Little Balcony Garden Journey

Welcome to my first balcony garden update and thank you for following my journey.

I live in a one bedroom apartment and I'm lucky enough to have a little balcony to dry my clothes, look at the view outside and grow plants! My gardening interest began with being zero waste. Since a lot of herbs in the supermarket came packaged in plastic, I decided that the best way for me to enjoy herbs while reducing plastic usage was to plant my own. And thus, my journey began. I wish I began documenting this when I started three months ago, because at that time, I really did not have any knowledge at all on how to grow plants (my first houseplant almost died because of me!) but I have come a long way since then.

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At this moment, the herbs that I have growing in my little balcony garden are Thai Basil, Sage, Chilli Padi (Bird's Eye Chilli), Summer Thyme and Parsley. I also recently bought a baby Limau Kasturi a.k.a Calamansi Tree from Carousell for RM14. I will talk about it in my upcoming posts. Anyway, it is really easy to germinate. How I like to do it is by using peat moss and those coco peat pots that you can plant directly into the soil. Getting them to sprout and taking care of them while they were small was really easy. The hard part was not knowing how to handle them when they got bigger! It was a mess trying to deal with that. I was trying to figure out why they stopped growing and ending up using fertilizer the wrong way. A lot of my plants died of fertilizer burn. I had problems with overwatering and underwatering as well. Because of all this, I lost all my Oregano, Cilantro, half of my Sage plants and two of my Chilli. Sigh. It can always be planted again.

I even had to figure out how to keep my plant alive when I had to go back to KK for 9 days. A simple water bottle self-watering system works well, cost me nothing because I actually pulled out an empty large water bottle from the trash can to use for my project. So far, the plants that have been thriving are my Thai Basil and my Chilli. I've even harvested and cooked with my Thai Basil leaves twice now. Currently, I'm learning more about fertilizing and also about root depth..

Oh, joy! More harvest!

I have upgraded my interests to flowers now. Got myself some Gomphrena and Petunia seeds and I am excited to see if I can grow these babies! Want to see some colors on my balcony. ACTUALLY, one of my Thai Basil did start to flower a few days ago (it took about 12 weeks from seeds to flower) but I decided to prune them off because I was not ready for it to die yet. But I am planting some new Thai Basil right now so I would probably let one flower exciting to see how it goes.

Today, I received some seeds I bough from and I can't wait to plant them soon! I am most excited about Rosemary! Will update soon!