Project Apartment Jungle

I am excited to announce that I will be bringing you guys along my journey to have an apartment jungle! It's been more than a year since I moved into my apartment and since then I've been exposing myself to the social media world of the plant community. I have come a long way with plants, I didn't know anything back then but things have changed for the better and I think the future is beautiful. Let me tell you about the time I got my first was an impulse purchase. I walked out of Ilaika's store (IG: @ilaikaselectstore) with a macramé plant hanger together with this scindapsus pictus or silver pothos as most would call it. Within the first few weeks of living with me, the plant was clearly NOT happy from the way the leaves were curled and yellowing. At that time I couldn't understand why it was unhappy because idiot me was spraying with water everyday when I should have been watering it! I now water it only once a week when I feel the soil is dry. Thankfully, this is such an easy plant to take care of because I have never fertilised it until now.

Epipremnum aureum / Golden Pothos / Devil's Ivy

I prefer to call this the Devil's Ivy because it's such a cool name. This was my second plant and I got it less than a month ago at a grocery store in Pavillion KL at RM13. When I bought it, it was in such a bad condition because the soil was really wet and cold from overwatering as well as being stuck in an air conditioned room (the soil was STILL cold the next day). I decided separate it into two pots and gave them better soil. I repotted the first half in this cute little Daiso pot in the hopes that it will be a cute little hanging plant. You can get the plant hanger here from my shop. They are growing so fast now, baby leaves are sprouting out!

Epipremnum aureum

This is the second pot I was talking about.

Sansevieria plant in a H&M home basket. I was just experimenting with this look.

Every home has this plant and I think I know why...because it's so easy to take care of! I left my home for 10 days to go back to my hometown and when I came back, this plant had the least damage of all...and by least damage I meant no damage at all. I have since invested in a little self-watering thingy which I will show in my future posts.

Haworthia attenuata

I call this my little zebra succulent. Grossly overpriced, this was an impulse purchase because at that time, I liked the wooden pot so much that I didn't want to leave the place without buying two of these. The other succulent that I got died so I'm currently thinking about how to use the pot.

That is all for my first #ApartmentJungle post! See you in my next one :)