How I Lost Weight with the Zero Waste Lifestyle

Did you know? It's #PlasticFreeJuly !

Regardless if you are zero waste or non zero waste, I hope that this month will bring you more inspiration to change for the better.

It's been three month since I've started going zero waste and I wanted to talk about how I lost weight on this journey. This shouldn't be the main reason why one should start going zero waste but any reason is better than not starting at all. I'm writing this blog post because I have been reflecting on myself and I wanted to share it in hopes that it will bring new perspectives to curious minds. While I expected to reduce plastic in my life through the zero waste lifestyle, I did not expect to lose weight. Weight loss hasn't been a goal for me because currently I’m at a place in my life where I don’t obsess so much over my weight or what I eat anymore. I do admit that I have to be more active but that talk is for another day. I used to be different years ago, obsessing about every single calorie I ate and burned, measuring and weighing myself everyday even when I was at my heaviest, it was very bad for my self esteem because I was always mentally demotivated.

Anyway! I just wanted to add that for the past year or so, my weight has been going up and down, the highest was during my internship. It stayed within that range even after my internship ended but it wasn't that bad. Since going zero waste, I can say that I lost about 2kg and at this point, it’s only my 3rd month! Of course, I don’t expect it to go lower and lower but it definitely was a nice surprise in the first place, especially considering that I still consume junk food.

Let me paint you a picture of my eating habits before zero waste. Even though I consume a lot of fruits and vegetables at home, I still had potato chips and instant noodles every week, a tub of Häagen-Dazs ice cream every month, and so much meat at home (spaghetti with meat sauce every week is a must)! Let's not forget about fast food, McD, KFC, Dominos..I ate them at least once every two weeks. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for these companies, all that had to go since they all came in plastic.

Ahh potato chips, my former friend

To put it simply, I lost weight because I had to reduce the consumption of those very food.

Like I said, junk food is not hard to get, but it definitely isn't convenient to me anymore. If I was craving for potato chips, I either make roasted potatoes at home or take away fries from fast-food joints in my own container. If I wanted to eat cookies, I buy Famous Amos cookies in bulk using my own container and since it is also more expensive than the average cookie, I had to eat less to save money. Cakes and ice-cream can easily be bought zero-waste..although I still haven't found any zero waste chocolate around here. I had completely stopped the consumption of certain food such as potato chips and instant noodles so it's nice to also think that not only is it helping me, but it is also helping the environment.

Take away fries from Wendy's

Another reason is because it is hard to get unpackaged meat around my area. Currently, I only buy fish and seafood because it can easily fit my containers. If you NEED chicken, I heard that some zero wasters use mooncake tins since its bigger. The whole point is - all the unhealthy food that I used to consume on a regular basis..I consume less now. I believe that the zero waste lifestyle brings a lot of benefits to us, even though it might be a little less convenient than what we have been used to in our lives. It teaches you to be conscious about yourself as a consumer. Remember - people did not have plastic a few generations ago.

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