Food Edition: Malindo Air Business Class

Have you ever came across a post about a guy posting of all the different types of in-flight food that he had during this travels? I don't recall the original post but you can read a similar post here. I don’t fly as much as that person and if I did, I don’t usually have meals on my flight since most of the time, I fly locally and I mostly use AirAsia.

This month, I’m trying something new! After my exam, I decided to go back to my hometown because I wanted to visit my grandma. However, the schedule back to KK kinda clashed with the first few days of Hari Raya (and also school holiday!). Bad planning right there because all the flights were so expensive. For a KL-KK flight on the first to the third day of Raya was between RM700-RM900 per way on AirAsia. Luckily enough, I managed to snag a Business Class flight on Malindo Airlines for a bargain.

I’m not gonna write too much about all the facilities because there’s just so much videos and posts about that online. It was really spacious and the service was good. What I do wanna write about though is the food because as I said, I really liked the guys post so I wanna make a similar one. Hopefully, I get to add more pictures to this post in the future.

What Did I Order?

Let’s get to it! Okay, so, once the plane has taken off and is stable in the sky, the flight attendant will give you a few options of food for you to choose (you don’t need to pay anything extra). If I’m not mistaken, it was a choice of roti canai, frittata or fried meehoon with chicken rendang.

As you can see from the picture, I chose the fried meehoon. It’s main dish was accompanied by a croissant with butter, a muffin, Cloud 9 chocolate bar (which was funny to me, not a big fan though) and also some fruits. It was really filling and I do not have any complaints except for the spiciness of the fried meehoon. That was hard for me to finish, it was SO spicy. Should have ordered the frittata. Another thing was that I did not consume the butter or the Cloud 9 bar as I am trying to reduce the use of plastic in my life. I just wonder, do they throw it away even if I didn’t eat it or will they be reused for someone else? I would feel bad if it was the former.

That’s it for this post. See you in my next one! If you’re interested to know what I did back home recently, click HERE.

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