Save Money In The Kitchen with The Slow Cooker

Panasonic 3L Slow Cooker

Recently, with learning more about zero-waste, I have been making my own food a lot more often. I also found out that canned foods are lined with a certain kind of plastic. Same goes for liquids such as vegetable stock packaged in boxes. That is one of the reasons why I want to ensure that I consume less food and drinks that come packaged in plastic. On top of being healthier, it is also frugal! Now that's a bonus.

As you can see from my title, I’ve crowned the slow-cooker (a.k.a crock-pot) as the best and must have appliance in a frugal person’s kitchen. Food expenses are considered as variable expenses, which means that we have a certain amount of control every month on how much we spend.

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I consider myself as a minimalist person, and on top of that, I also have a very small kitchen. I would love to have a huge oven or a food processor (I'm still considering this) but I simply do not have the space for this. I love to cook and I try to eat healthy so that's why I love the slow cooker. I use it every week to make porridge, red date tea, yogurt, beans etc and it really does save a lot of money. For example: A gallon of red date tea only costs RM0.50 to make! A restaurant charges RM4.00 per cup for the same drink. Um. No thanks.

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From left: cooked black beans, red date tea, DIY yogurt

Fun fact: My 3L Panasonic Slow Cooker is secondhand! I bought it on Carousell from someone who sold it for RM90 which was a pretty good deal considering it was still new (the seller already had another one) and that she sent it right to my door without any extra charges. According to Lazada, the original price costs RM134.90. I saved RM45 :)

One of my fav frugal food: Plain bubur or congee. I eat it with a tablespoon of Bovril.

What’s your favourite frugal appliance and why? Let me know in the comments section below!

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