Decluttering My Wardrobe and 2 Tips to Get It Done Fast

Have you ever struggled to keep giving away clothes? To still feel overwhelmed with your wardrobe even after giving away your clothes? And do you know how many clothes you have that you haven’t worn in a year?

These are the things I’ve experienced and wondered for the past few years. I was 17 when I discovered online shopping and 18 when I first moved to KL for my studies. With my new found freedom, money from my part-time job and fashion influence from that said job, I went crazy with shopping - both online and offline. By 21, I had so much clothes in my wardrobe that I felt stressed by simply having to move back to KK, my hometown. I was SO overwhelmed by the amount of clothes and things that I had. I had to ship boxes of my clothes and carry more of them on my flight back!

When I went back to KK, I started working and bought even MORE clothes. At one point, my best friend and I decided to rent a booth and sell our preloved clothes at a market. Even then, I still had so much left. A few months after that I decided to do my first purge. I took every piece of clothing I own (including house clothes) and dumped them on the bed, carefully looking at them to decide if I really love them and asking myself “How many times did I wear this? Will I still wear it?”. I ended up handing down a lot of clothes to my cousins, gradually donated and sold some. The whole purpose of this decluttering activity was to end up with a wardrobe of clothes that I love. It was a breath of fresh air.

A few years later, here I am. Ready to do the whole thing all over again (and I even took a video to show the process). The only difference compared to the last time was that it was much easier. I didn’t have as much clothes as before and technology made it so much easier for me to sell them - thanks Carousell and Instagram!


Tip #1: Try As Little Clothes As Possible

My clothes here was different from the video because I was trying it on to decide if I wanted to keep it or not

Having to make a decision over what to keep is to be the hardest part of decluttering clothes, especially when you try them on! It is often where people get stuck. This is what happened to me when I did my first purge. When I make the mistake of trying them on, I think “What if I need this for xxx?” or “Maybe I can wear this again.” More often than not, those clothes will end up at the back of the wardrobe for an extra year or so until the next purge.

Tip #2: Arrange Them According to Type

When you stack or arrange your clothes according to type, it gives you a view of how much of each you have. You’ll also be able to see which ones you like the best when they are stacked with each other so that you’ll be able to remove the least favourite one. On top of that, you’ll also be able to easily count the number of garments you have. Here is the clothes I have left after my purge: