Wanderlust + Co: Iris Goddess Necklace

I found the perfect necklace..I am still obsessed with it after 3 months. I literally wear it everyday and the great thing is..they still look brand new! Now thats quality. I used to purchase necklaces from stores like Forever 21 and H&M because they were reasonably priced but after 2-3 wears, they tend to lose their color and even make my neck itch. I don't even have sensitive skin so why would they itch?

As a company, Wanderlust + Co is a great brand because they are always improving themselves, being creative and collaborating with others. On top of that, they also have a really aggressive marketing strategy..I actually discovered them from their Instagram ads and I now follow their account and their founder's account as well. They recently had pop-ups in Indonesia which was pretty awesome. Their social media presence reminds me of Glossier but Glossier is still the best of course. Maybe one day I will write about Glossier.

The video above is just a simple 1-minute unboxing video showing off their box, card and of course the beautiful necklace. I would prefer if they didn't have the plastic covering the necklace though.

Recently, I went to Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya and did a mini OOTD photoshoot because it is such a lush place! In the photo, I was wearing the necklace. Ah, so pretty!