A Short Guide to Paypal for Malaysians

Last week, I unexpectedly received a $100 payment on Paypal from an unknown person. Now, the only way it is possible for someone to send a payment to you is through your Paypal email address. How was it possible for someone to send me money when I didn't give them my email address?? Was it a scam?? I wondered if this was a trap. Like, if I withdrew the money, would my phone or laptop somehow be hacked?

Turns out, it was one of life's little plot twist because it really was a payment for a job I had done in 2015. I found out after emailling the sender* to ask about it and apparently, the person got into an accident and they went into a coma for a very very long time. All this while, I thought that I had been scammed and by some miracle, 3 years later, I got paid.

*the email of the sender is visible to you on Paypal


So I wondered - how many people are actually using Paypal? Instagram Stories was the perfect place to ask.

Within 24 hours, I got my answer and it was almost a tie. 51% of my respondents did not have Paypal and I found that interesting. For those with Paypal, why do you have it? And do you use this often? For those without Paypal, you can read on because I will show you how to get Paypal.


First Option - Mobile: Download the Paypal app and Sign In with Facebook > Complete the Steps > DONE!


Second Option - Desktop: Go to Paypal Website > Sign Up > Buy with Paypal: Get Started > Email, Password and Re-Enter Password > Enter Particulars > Add Your Card Details > DONE!


The great thing about Paypal is that you can pay straight from your card anywhere PayPal's accepted. You don't even need to have any balance inside! A few years ago, I had to rely on Paypal for my eBay shopping. I had to deposit money to my RHB bank, manually top up my USDs with it AND THEN purchase something. But now that I don't have to do it anymore, I love Paypal even more. It is always my first option when I'm shopping on an international website. That's because I am the type of person that dreads having to insert my card details every time I want to buy something online.


Even though you can pay straight from your card through Paypal (without going through the fuss of keying in your card details all the time), in certain situations you need top up your USD balance. This is where RHB users like me can rejoice..we can top up our balance through RHB Banking Online! How great is that?? For example, Maybank bans currency deposits to the trading platform that I use. So one of the ways I work around it is to convert my MYR into USD on Paypal and then deposit it into my trading platform.

Here are the steps:

Paypal Dashboard > Summary > Paypal Balance > Top Up > Click 'Continue' > Insert 'Amount to Top Up' > Click 'Recalculate' > Proceed > Log In RHB > Confirm with TAC > DONE!

You can top up your Paypal with either MYR or USD. But if you choose USD, you must click Recalculate first before Proceeding so that it can show you exactly how much MYR will be deducted from your RHB account. Every step after that is easy to follow. This is only good news for RHB users, but not for other Malaysian bank accounts.


I've never sent any payments through Paypal before because I mostly use it to shop online. All I know is that you need a person's Paypal email address to be able to send payments and that the transaction fees are quite high (at least, in my opinion).

Thank you for reading my post. Feel free to comment if you have any Paypal tips of your own!