2D1N at The Kasturi, Cherating

Back in March, I had the chance to stay at The Kasturi, Cherating for a night. This post is long overdue..I tried to get a little offer for my readers, but to no avail. Anyway, its a little boutique resort that is just 3-hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur.

This is the main building. I only got to explore the ground floor, where the main restaurant was located. There was also a spa there but I didn't get a chance to see it and I assume there are also a few rooms in the building as well. In the photo above, this particular view is at the side of the building that is facing the sea and you can also see the volleyball net in the picture.

The villa is small enough for you to be able to walk around in. The walkways are surrounded by lush trees. And the design of everything is an influencer's dream. Those white lounge chairs are just beatiful and it's definitely now a Kasturi signature. After checking-in, we took a walk around and had lunch at the restaurant. On the way there, we saw Hijjas Kasturi himself, supervising the construction of a few additional family villas. He was down-to-earth and humble! He actually dropped by at the restaurant for some errands but was nice enough to greet us when he passed by. Lunch was delicious..I had pasta with grilled chicken. Price is what you would expect from a resort but on the reasonable side. The price was comparable to the prices in restaurants at Pavillion KL.

Did I mention that the main building has its own pool as well? It's situated right in front of the restaurant. While waiting for my food, I even saw a bird flying above the pool and occasionally splashing in it. That was cute. There also wasn't anybody here..probably because most people were staying at the Beach Front Villa which had its own private pool so there was no need to go here. The view is great though. Amazing design.

On the far right, you can see a kayak boats and paddles. Guests can actually use that.. we didn't though but I saw a few guest using it the next morning. The staff said that you need to book it from them to use it because there will be a guy who will show you where you can go kayaking. I don't think you have to pay for the usage..but then I didn't ask that question. Oh! There was also bicycles around the resort and you can use it to move around as well. Talk about healthy lifestyle.

Again, this resort is heaven for OOTD's. Everywhere is so aesthetically pleasing that I couldn't decide which photo to post on Instagram! #firstworldproblems

Take a Peak: Beach Front Villa

I had a chance to stay at the Beach Front Villa and it was SO nice. There is a private pool there and it is a sea view. I woke up at 7am to watch the sun rise and it did not disappoint. It was also nice to lounge outside at night because you can see so many stars. This is definitely a romantic spot for couples.

I have to say..my favourite part of the villa is the bathroom of course! So beautiful and so spacious. If I could sleep in it, I would. It was also nice to see that they used a local brand for their bathroom amenities (and also snacks in the mini bar).

Spacious bathtub! As you can see from the picture, the wall outside is not completely covered. But fret not, it's actually really tall so nobody from the outside can really see it. But if you are a really private person, this might not be the thing for you. It's just that the design is like this so more natural sunlight can come in.

Outdoor shower

Living room that leads to your own private pool. The walls are mostly glass but the bedroom is completely covered.

The door to the way in, which leads to the door to the living room.

The door leading to the bedroom.