My Tear Trough Fillers Experience and Progress

I did it. I got fillers. In other words, I had a cosmetic enhancement.

But I kinda regret it.

Not because it did something horrible to my face. But because I spent so much money on something that didn't even solve my problem..which was my dark undereyes, an insecurity I had since I was a teenager. I was convinced that it was the reason why people thought that I was older than I actually am. I thought that the problem was due to my hollow under-eyes, and the doctor even said that filling in my hollow under-eyes would solve my problem. But it didn't. It is still the same.

It did look nice right after the injection, probably because it swelled up just enough to fill it and it made my under-eyes look 3x brighter. So, during the day of the injection I really thought that my problem was solved. But as the days progressed, the fillers seem to disappear and I am left again with dark under-eyes. Maybe I needed more? I don't know but I am not paying for it. I'm currently using Omorovicza's Acid Fix and it has worked wonders for my dark under-eyes. I wish I knew about it sooner.

Omorovicza's Acid Fix

Feel free to watch my video, where I show my day-to-day progress and finally my two-month progress at the end. I've also expressed some of my opinions there if you are interested. Here are some questions you may have and also answers based on MY experience:

Was it painful?

Nope. I had to put on numbing cream on my treatment area an hour before the injection and this cream helped a lot. I did feel the needle go into my skin a little but there was no pain, at most the only thing I felt was discomfort.

How long was the procedure?

It took about 45 minutes including the waiting time in the room. It was so fast. No wonder they have the term "lunchtime procedures". I literally did it at lunchtime! I put on the numbing cream at 11am, reached the clinic at 12pm and came back home at 1pm.

How long did it take to heal?

During the first week, you will have bruises but most of the time it is easily concealable with makeup. By week two, I didn’t have to worry about bruising at all so I would say it would take one week to heal. You can actually see my day-to-day progress in my Youtube video. However, from what I’ve read online, everybody heals differently. Some take a few days, and some take longer than a week. It also depends on your treatment area and also the injection technique of your doctor. On my side, I made sure that I didn't consume any alcohol or take any supplements to avoid bruising because those things can thin out your blood apparently.

In the video, I did mention that my left under eye area had more bruising..that was because my doctor said he accidentally hit a vein. Nothing went wrong but I still didn't like that fact though.

1 day after filler injection. No photo filter.

Finally...How much did it cost?

Tear trough fillers cost about RM2000. I asked a few clinics for their prices and this was the average. For my clinic, thats the cost of a 1cc syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC filler. There was one clinic that quoted RM1300 but that sounded too suspicious to me.

I hope this post was informative for you.