Road to #ZeroWaste, April Edition

A month ago, I discovered the term “zero waste” on a Facebook group for Minimalists. Curious, I watched a couple of videos and read a bunch of blogposts written by these people who trying to reduce as much plastic in their day-to-day life.

Being aware of the zero waste movement was like suddenly being pointed at with a torchlight. I began to realize how much plastic I am using and throwing away. I opened my fridge and saw almost every item wrapped in plastic. Have you ever done that before? I suddenly realized that I am one of those people contributing to the ugly landfills in our beautiful country and the plastic trash that are killing marine life. And I hate that.

When I went to the grocery store that day, I didn't see just vegetables anymore, it was then that I saw a whole ROW of vegetables wrapped in plastic!

The broccoli I like? Wrapped in plastic. The spinach I always buy? Came in a plastic box? The organic lemongrass I always get to make soup? Cling wrapped in plastic. The ones that were not in plastic looked like this:

They looked as dead as my soul.

I remember buying spinach that came in plastic that day and feeling guilty about it, because I wanted to eat spinach for dinner but didn't want spinach that wasn't fresh. That was a fail. But I also remember, instead of buying my usual eggs which had the plastic carton, I switched to the one that came in the paper carton. It was my first zero waste success. But it was RM3 more expensive.

Which made me think. Will this journey be an expensive one? I don’t know but I will try.

I had the opportunity to make my own Beeswax Wrap at a class held in The Hive Bulk Foods and it was such a great experience talking to like minded people and making my own beeswax wrap! It was also my first time visiting a bulk store and I even shopped a little after my class.

Here are some items that I had bought to kickstart my zero waste journey:

Four pieces of beeswax wrap that I made myself (it was hard work), silk floss in a tiny glass jar with a refillable, a produce bag and reusable cotton pads.

I also learned to do a few DIY stuff such as making my own greek yogurt, planting my own herbs and making my own vinegar this month! I even managed to recycle some of those paper egg cartons into my little seed starter.

Some of my zero waste FAILS this month were:

  • Tried to buy fresh prawn using my own container. Took my eyes off for 3 sec and the guy actually put plastic INSIDE my container. Ahhh Fail

  • Tried to buy pumpkin without plastic and the girl at Jaya Grocer automatically put the pumpkin in plastic before sticking on the price. Why??? Pumpkins have their own protection already *so frustrated*

  • Forgetting to refuse plastic straws every time I order something cold outside.

Some of my zero waste WINS this month were:

  • I greatly reduced my plastic usage at home and I don't throw out my trash as much anymore!

  • I totally did not buy any potato chips or ice-cream so I guess I ate a little healthier? Lol I'll find a way to cure my cravings

  • I managed to take away spaghetti and even mango in my own container.

  • Managed to finally buy fresh prawn without plastic! Instead of giving the container to the guy, I filled it up myself.

  • Used my own glass jar for Starbucks and also for mamak drinks.