Honest Review: Dr. Jart+ Skincare and Makeup

From Top Left:

1. Dr. Jart+ BB Contouring 1.2.3 Kit // 2. Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Trans Foam Clay // 3. Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Foam // 4. Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water // 5. Dr. Jart+ Porecting Solution Mask // 6. Dr. Jart+ Brightening Solution Mask // 7. Dr. Jart+ Dermask Cheek & Eye Lift

I had a Dr. Jart+ haul way back in August this year and now I am ready to give my honest review as well as my Top 3 favourite items from the haul. If you want to check out my first impressions, you can watch my Youtube video at the end of this post.

The Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water is by far my favourite item of the bunch! I initially didn't purchase this but it was given to me as a free gift from one of the Sephora girls so I didn't expect this item to be my favourite. It's true when they say that even though free samples are expensive for a company..it really works to convince new customers to be loyal ones. I am proof of that..I've just finished this tiny bottle and am repurchasing the bigger one! Although the Micro Water can be used to cleanse, tone and brighten the face..I mostly use it as a second step after my facial cleansing wipes to remove any makeup what was not removed by the wipes. I was surprised to find that even when I thought the wipes did the job, the Micro Water proved that there was STILL makeup on my face! Basically, I use it to make sure that my face is squeaky clean before I wash it.

Next is the Dermaclear Trans Foam Clay. This clay mask comes in Calming White, Moisturizing Pink and Refreshing Green where each type has a purpose. My favourite out of the three is Calming White because it just makes my face SO soft after using it. The "foam" is the only thing that differentiates it from the other clay masks in the market but it is nothing special to me..I just feel like it makes it easier to wash it off maybe.

How do I use it? Well, depending on my skin of the day, I will switch around. I use Moisturizing Pink when my face feels especially dry, Refreshing Green when I feel down because it gives off this cooling minty feeling on the face and Calming White the day before any special occasion day. I usually use this before shower time but after I've washed and cleansed my face. A little goes a long way with this and I just spread the mask all over my dried face with medium coverage. It will dry after 10 minutes, during this time I will just lie down on my bed or do light chores. Once it dries, I head straight to the shower and go about with my day with great feeling skin.

Tip: Don't leave it on your face for a long time after it dries because I find that my face doesn't like that and it tends to break out. In this case, it is important to know how to use a product properly for it to be effective.

My third favourite item is the Porecting Solution mask! The main reason I bought this was because the lady at Sephora said that this mask will bubble up when you use it. "That's interesting!" I thought and let me tell you, after I used it, I fell in LOVE with it. It's also a charcoal mask, so that is my guilty pleasure..my facial wash and toothpaste are also charcoal based so thats gotta tell you something ;)

At RM25 each, it is an EXPENSIVE mask but I would totally repurchase this again because of the bubbly.

What about the other items from my haul?

Although the items did not make it to my Top 3 favourites list but it the items were good but but not great and because of it's price, I would not repurchase it again. For the Contouring 1.2.3 Kit, I use it both for contouring and concealing. It suits well with Asian skin tone..I use the bronze color to contour my face as well as my nose and I use the neutralizing color to conceal my under eyes as well as other dark spots on my face. The formula comes out as matte so I like to especially use the highlighter color in the daytime. This also blends well with the Beauty Blender.

As for the Dermaclear Micro Foam, my face broke out after the first few times using it (it doesn't break out now). I think my face was just getting used to it but when it DID happen, I hated it. The good thing about this cleanser is that it smells like luxury..like something out of a nice hotel. A little goes a long way with the cleanser..I've used it for 3 months now and it still has more than 90% inside!

As for the Brightening Solution Mask and Cheek & Eye Lift Mask, it is just too expensive for me. The mask itself is good and smells nice but you can't just use it one time and expect a miracle to happen. I can definitely achieve the same results with other masks but with a lower price tag.

You can see me using one of the Cheek and Eye Lift Mask at 10:26 in the video below:

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