Hi, my name is Marion and I am a Kadazan girl from Sabah, Malaysia. I grew up in a small town near Kota Kinabalu and I spent most of my time as a teenager in front of the laptop - blogging was my main activity of choice and a lot of my time was spent tweaking blog layouts and Photoshopping. As a teenager, I made my income through selling ad slots on my review blog, where I updated and styled fashion pieces from blogshops (it was popular then). I worked throughout my years in college, from being a part-time retail sales assistant to part-time event crew. Hustle was a word I know too well, because I needed to hustle to make up for my poor personal financial skills back then.


After getting my Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism, I immediately worked in the Sales and Marketing Department at Sutera Harbour Resort handling clients from the Government sector. After that, I decided it was time to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing with Multimedia. What a journey it has been! It led me to be involved in various businesses and projects, popular ones include Love, Lusie, a Tuhau Scrub business that I had co-founded with my cousin and Signread, an app that translates reading materials into Malaysian Sign Language.


Mimirello is a tip-driven website dedicated to cooking, gardening, lifestyle and surviving the internet. I started it in 2008 as a way to document my teenage woes but now I want it to be something more than that. I hope this can be a platform where people can visit to learn new things. Even though this website is more lifestyle-focused, I also wanted to touch on subjects like digital marketing or personal finance because it has become an interest of mine and I believe that writing about this will bring value to my readers. I want to encourage people to experience life by being curious, and I am curious about my readers as well. If you have any interesting topic that you think would suit this platform, I would love to hear from you..I welcome guest bloggers :)


For business inquiries or collaboration, kindly email to marion@mimirello.com



I was blessed to have been featured in a number of media for Love, Lusie ( Kosmo!, Vulcan Post, Her World Malaysia , Elle Malaysia, The Sun , MHI, Malay Mail , Sunday Mail, The Star, New Straits Times and BFM 89.9 ) and for SignRead App ( BERNAMA, The Sun, NX Digital)

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