Monday, October 16, 2017

The Beach Grill @ The Ritz-Carlton Langkawi

Hi all! I just came back from my trip in Langkawi and as I was taking photos of the places I visited and the activities I did during my short stay, I told myself that I MUST blog about this. Well, I actually wanted to vlog but I find it very hard to organise my video taking (if that makes sense).

During my second day in Langkawi, I went up to the Langkawi Cable Car or Skycab and also the Sky Bridge. There were so many tourists around and the short hike to the Sky Bridge made me SO tired. We managed to make it back to the car at 3PM after all that queuing, I think my next post will be how to survive this. I was exhausted and also had motion sickness..but nothing a plain good ol Hamoi can't solve! Since we didn't know any good places in the area, we decided on an impromptu visit to the one-month-old Ritz-Carlton Langkawi to find some grub. It was feeding time for me lol

Since we rented a car there, we thought we could just drive into the hotel but the guard at the gate stopped us and asked us to park outside and called the buggy for us. I thought it was funny until I realized how HUGE the place was and saw why they wanted us to use the buggy.

The place looked like this and that was the road that we came from. It reminds me of a cute! We went to survey two restaurants including Langkawi Kitchen and also The Beach Grill. In the end, we chose the latter because of its beautiful view overlooking the Langkawi Sea as well as the overall vibes of the restaurant.

A place where you can just sit down, chill and have a drink.

A place where you can lay down as well!

Just a little peak at the view. I am currently editing my Langkawi video so do head over to my Youtube Channel "Marion St. Joan"

My happy red face..I had just recovered from exhaustion and motion sickness.

I ordered their Mozarella dish..the cheese is sourced from local buffalos in Langkawi and it was so delicious! Better than the ones that I get from Jaya Grocer (and they are not cheap as well). The tomatoes could be improved though, it looks like something that I would buy at the pasar for RM2 a pack. The dish itself cost RM88 before taxes. 

Originally a Beef Panini, we changed it to chicken. I forgot how much this was. Should have taken a pic of the menu.

Overall, the experience there was nice except that our food came a bit slow. We even ordered Ais Kacang and asked the waiter to bring it to us when our food arrived but we didn't receive it even when we are finished with the food. I'm not sure why it was so slow because there were only about 3 tables occupied during that time and I'm pretty sure Ais Kacang doesn't take that long to prepare. We were in a rush so we had to cancel that, unfortunately. We voiced up our comments to the Buggy guy so hopefully, they would improve that for future guests :)

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