Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Zealand: Part 3 (Last)

The majority of this post are pictures of our wine tour as well as random photos during the last day of our trip. Unfortunately, because I was both sea sick and car sick, I couldn't get to completely enjoy the wine tour. Strangely, after this incident, now that I'm back in Malaysia..I get motion sickness quite easily. I think we visited about 3 wineries and a chocolate factory that day. Another thing I remember from that area was the guy who was in charge of our lodging, Roger. There was this incident where we were about to get into the car to get to the grocery store and he was so shocked! After we said bye to him, we found out that the store was just about 7 minutes walk from our place. HAHA

Allan Scott Winery, New Zealand.

Not my cup of tea tho

Cloudy Bay Winery, you were great!

Had the best oysters there!!

Look at that liner!

This was at Christchurch. I was really happy because the sun came out!

We had coffee and breakfast at this nice cafe. Somehow I got even more tanned in New Zealand.

Got kissed by a Golden Retriever!

Got to feed this little buddy too.

Our trip actually ended here because we received the worst news from home. It still hurts to think about it. But we managed work together and reach home in less than 24 hours. The trip actually felt like a dream somehow, almost like it never happened. But documenting it, to me, is important.


Finally! This is the last part of the New Zealand posts. Links to the first 3 posts:


  1. Hey Marion :) My question isn't related to your post haha!

    Just wanted to know how did you get to/around Good Vibes Fest last year and where did you stay? Were Uber/Grab easily available there? Going this year but still kind of hazy with the deets! Any info would be really helpful, thanks so much!

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I rarely see my comments on my blog anymore :(
      I hope you found your answers anyway and had a good time at Good Vibes!