Monday, April 24, 2017

New Zealand: Part 1

Last December I had a chance to visit New Zealand with my two aunts and 3 other cousins. I'm only posting it now because so much has happened since that trip and I just had a lot of photos and videos from that trip on my phone. Thank goodness I backed the photos up on my laptop before I lost all my images on my mobile. Now I'm 'backing up' my photos again in this blog.

Our trip was supposed to be a 2-week north to south island kinda roadtrip. We rented a 6-seater in Auckland and we were planning to drive all the way to Queenstown then flyback to Auckland before ending our trip. But due to a family emergency, we only managed to travel for 1 week and our last stop was Christchurch. We're planning to continue where we left off again next time. I hope so. Ever since my dad showed me a video of him bungee jumping in NZ in 2006, I said to myself that I would do the same thing. It was just not my time then.

After I finished my classes for the day, I went to the airport to meet up with my family. Surprisingly, I had the smallest luggage among all of them! Heh. This was my first trip out of Sountheast Asia and I expected the weather in New Zealand to be like Kundasang since it was supposed to be summer! But oh boy, it was SO cold there, I wished that I brought warmer clothes with me. I know I'll have to be better prepared next time.

Our trip was more leisure and there wasn't any sport activities involved so if you are reading this to find out what awesome stuff you can do in NZ, I think you have to look another place :)
All the photos I took were taken with an iPhone 6 and edited with photoshop. I hope you like it!

Of course, I had to take this chance to the photos of Love, Lusie Tuhau Body Scrubs.

The food in NZ has 2x the portions of Malaysia. I couldn't finish my food the first few days so I had to share with my aunt. Also, in restaurants, I had to order the Entrées instead of the Main Course.

I made a separate post on Hobbiton Movie Set. You can click on the link at the end of this post.

This was our van for throughout our travels. We were lucky enough to get a brand new one so basically we "rasmi" the car lol

Took this photo at Aratiatia Dam & Rapids, it was a short stop because as you can see, it started raining and it was one of the coldest moment of my life.

No wait. I think Lake Taupo was the coldest moment of my life. I literally had to use a beach towel as a scarf because it seemed like everything I was wearing wasn't enough. My skin was so dry and I was wondering WHY I didn't bring my moisturizer. And it was the only time I need moisturizers! We went grocery shopping alot and I really like the produce there (especially the avocados) because everything was really fresh and so so yummy. Bacon was too salty tho. Why.

Being a tourist at Huka Falls. Some people were wearing less than me and I thought "How can you even walk like that in the cold?!"

Kia Ora :)

The only sour thing that I had in NZ was the lemon ginger drink.

Took this amazing photo at a stop somewhere where we had brunch.
It was so beautiful.

I shared a burger with my aunt. Think we ate a lot of burgers there.

Stay tuned for Part 2 & 3


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  1. Beautiful view. Im planning to go there end of this year. Any advice on where/what should i visit/do?

  2. I was there for only a week so can't suggest much but I would really recommend seeing as much natural attractions as you can such as the falls or the lavender field (which I didn't manage to go)! :)