Monday, April 10, 2017

Mimirello x Milk&Co

In this post, I'm going to take the role of the beauty blogger..where I review products that were sent to me. I haven't done this in a long time, not even for my own brands lol

I even prepared a short Youtube video at the end of this post, now how exciting is that?

So the brand that I will be reviewing today is Milk & Co. This is an Australian brand that was created by Michael Klim, an Olympic swimmer, who first launched a mens skincare line. Now they have a womens face and body range as well as baby range too! How in the world did an Olympic swimmer decide to create a skincare line.. I'm really curious about that. Also, how awesome that Milk is backward for Klim.

Now, I'm really feeling the packaging. Not to mention, it really compliments my blog too.

What I received:
Body Oil
Face Cleanser
Ultra Light Face Moisturiser
Rejuvenating Masque

Now let's start with the body oil. It is infused with papaya extract, lavender oil, soy oil and vitamin E.
I don't normally put oil on my skin because I'm not used to it and also because I simply don't like feeling oily. But I tried rubbing the oil all over my body after my shower and this really absorbs well into the skin, leaving it soft. The scent of the lavender was really soothing, I love that part. I also decided to use the oil as a makeup remover and it works for me so I'm probably going to use this until I finish because I have no makeup remover since someone broke my bottle of (expensive) argan oil.

Next step is the face cleanser! This is my favorite product among the four. One is because you don't have to use a lot of it.. one drop is enough to cleanse my face and two - is because of it's amaaaaaazing smell. The scent is a miture of essential geranium oil, ylang ylang and extracts of hibiscus flower and turmeric. Yum. Big fan of this.

The first time I tried this mask, I was like "Why does it feel so warm?? Will it make my face smaller?" I wish. ha. I don't know why it felt warm but it was good because my face felt supple after that. And I only had to wear the mask for 7-10 minutes before I wash it off. I mean, I already have my own teamask routine but I think I can incorporate this into my routine for 1 - 2 times a week. It's that good. The mask has multiple fruit extracts, vitamin E and green tea extract and it's supposed to exfoliate, smooth and moisturise the skin.

I'm not into moisturising that much so I use this mainly on the neck. The reason why is because we spend so much time and products taking care of our face but we tend to neglect the neck, which can show our age if we don't take care of it well. Also, this moisturiser is the lightest moisturiser ever to thats a plus! This product contains jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera extract , marine extracts of nori and spirulina.

Thank You Milk & Co Malaysia



Milk & Co is available at these outlets:

1. Ben's Independent Grocer Publika, Glo
2. Village Grocer Bangsar
3. Jaya Grocer The Gardens, Uptown Starling Mall, Empire Shopping Gallery
4. Mplus Natural Remedies Bangsar, Atria Mall, DaMen
5. Bumps & Bundles, 1 Mont Kiara Mall
6. AEON Wellness Midvalley & Sunway Velocity
7. Rawsome HQ

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