Monday, April 17, 2017

Imagine Cup Malaysia 2017

Say hello to my mentor, Dr Hafiz and my team mates, Farhan & Muthu!

Last March, my team and I were chosen as one of the Top 10 teams to compete in Imagine Cup Malaysia 2017. We had been working on the project since last year so it was a huge surprise! This was during my semester break and I had to fly back that week after spending the week before preparing for and running our Love, Lusie pop up store in Gaya Street. Farhan was attending a workshop in Denmark at that time and only arrived in KL one day before the event day itself. Everything was rushed but we managed to make it. Special thanks to Dr Hafiz for driving us there and being so supportive, we could not have done it without him.

Basically for this competition, we had to compete with other teams from universities all over Malaysia like Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, University Teknologi Petronas (where the event was held), Swinburne University etc. It was a 3 days 2 nights kinda event and it was the first time that I had to represent Multimedia University. What more...this was my first tech related project!

Signread Team.

I'm the only girl as usual haha

During the first day, we got a chance to talk to the other contestants, prepare our app and also had a mentorship session with amazing experienced mentors from all over! This is my favorite part because I'm always curious about other people's point of view as well as their opinion.

On the second day, we had to prepare our booths as well as for our presentation to the judges. 
As you can see in my photo, I'm responsible for making sure that everything is perfect lol
We were really grateful for Microsoft (especially Sunnie and Fiona) for assisting us with an interpreter for the second day of the event. So so grateful! I wish I knew sign language so that I could communicate with the boys since they were not able to hear me. But this event brought us closer because they even gave me my own sign language name! (Yes, I have a sign language name)

Serious Marion being serious

We were scheduled to pitch at 10am. This is me before that. All nervous lel

But as a marketing person, this is my passion.

Can future photographers take a nicer picture of me? hahah

I like dressing up and looking nice, because UTP is such a nice place to take OOTD's. Shoutout to UTP for having an amazing library! This was the evening of the second day where they would announce the winners and also award winners of the competition.

We won the Potential Commercialization Idea Award and we were also the First Runner Up for People's Choice Award! At least we did a little part in making MMU proud!

With the boyz :)

Someone gave me a bunch of balloons hehe

The third and last day was for all of us to relax and enjoy Perak.
Tourism Perak sponsored our tour to Kellie's Castle and Gua Tempurung.

Thank You Microsoft Malaysia! 

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