Saturday, February 4, 2017

Niko-Niko Bag : Sometime by Asian Designers

When Sometime by Asian Designers released their Niko-Niko Bag last year, it was a huge hit. Bucket bags were in thanks to Mansur Gavriel.

These bags were not only cute but they were also really practical, although sometimes I worry that people would slip their hand in and steal my stuff but so far that has never happened to me.

Sometime released a variety of colors and other than its amazing quality (for its price), I think that was also the reason why it was so popular. People were buying it by the tons and reselling it at a higher price due to its demand! I really wanted the regular sized one, especially in black but it was almost impossible. Even during the launch of their minis, I only managed to get the mocha and the grey. All the bags sold out in less than half an hour. I was one of the lucky few to be able to purchase, after seemingly spending an eternity refreshing my browser to check out my purchases.

I love my bag and even now, I still use it on a regular basis.
Kept the mocha but I gave the grey one to a dear friend :)


  1. Babe, I came across a few of the regular in black for sale on Carousell! Just search Niko-niko 😊

    1. Yeah, I know :) Sometime also sold their defected (but still good) ones last week I think. But I'm pretty content now with my little Mocha hehe