Monday, March 7, 2016

Thaviax Workshop With Naddy Rahman

Few months ago I attended the Thaviax Flat Lay Workshop with social media influencer Naddy Rahman (IG: naddy_rahman). I got to know about the event from Thavia's instagram, which I ws already following. I will post all their details at the end of this post just in case you are interested in dropping by because they are selling a lot of beautiful pieces of clothes, bags etc.

I decided to wear a nude dress as well as minimal makeup and an earring. Took me more than an hour to get there because I live quite far away. When I got there, they had everything prepared already! All the flowers, the jewelry and little quotes for the flat lays. In case you guys are curious, a flat lay is a way to photograph products on a surface to make them look aesthetically pleasing. A lot of bloggers and instagrammers use this technique. I used to do this a lot when I was doing my What's In My Bag posts.

I was the earliest to arrive so I got to know the girls a the shop, they were lovely and very fashionable. And I took some photos of the stuff before Naddy came. She was really tall, I felt so small beside her haha. But she is super gorgeous, and super sweet. I showed her a painting I did of her they day before because I didn't want to come empty handed and felt like doing a nice gesture.

Gorgeous (and delicious!) cupcakes from @cakeposy

So after everybody arrived, we got started on the flay lays. How do you combine so many beautiful things to make the perfect photo? Hmm. I guess I'll save that for another post ;)
The event only took about 2 hours or so. Other than flat lays, we also tried on some Urban Decay makeup and had ice cream. I can still remember the taste. Will go back to the shop when I get to Publika again.

Did I mention that we got some freebies - RM250 worth of jewelry? Yup!! I got me some rings and a rose gold pearl necklace..OOTD post in the future maybe?

Hello Raissa :)

One of my flat lays


Bomb ice cream from
10/10 would eat again

*sigh* one day

Group Photo!

Till next time


Instagram: @thaviax

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