Saturday, March 5, 2016

Printing @ KLIA2

So the other day, I flew back home for Chinese New Year. And I had a problem with my AirAsia wouldn't show. And I needed to print out my boarding pass at the kiosk - using that barcode! What else can I do? Second alternative was to print my boarding pass at a printing shop but I was flying back on the first day of Chinese New Year so like all public holidays in Malaysia, all the shops in Cyberjaya were closed..

My third alternative was to re-print at the Air Asia check in counter..which would cost me RM10. Not only do I have to pay an unacceptable amount of money for a piece of paper, albeit one that could allow me to go home, but I also have to que up for that. I wasn't feeling particularly patient that day.

Now, before I pursued my third alternative, I googled "printing shops in KLIA2" without success. Why doesn't KLIA2 have any printing shops anyway? It has everything BUT a printing shop. I guess their only goal is to make revenue from food & shopping. (Let's say they do have a printing shop, please comment and I will edit this part. And we can help people who googles "printing shops in KLIA2" in the future).

So my internet failed me..meh..I still had to fly back home. When I reached KLIA2, I decided to use my people skills to solve my problem and found out that there is a place where you can do your printing!

Thank God for Plaza Premium Lounge.

Let me just say that to avoid any viruses, they won't accept any pendrives or whatsoever. They'll give you an email address and you have to email to them from your phone and they'll print it out for you..for RM3 per page. Yup, I saved myself RM7 that day. And since I didn't find any info on my dear internet, I decided to share it with you guys! This is what it looks like.

UPDATE 4/2/2017:

Thank you to all who commented on this post! I am also happy to know that at least I've helped a few people with their dilemma. Just an update - there IS a printing shop in KLIA2 and it is located near the domestic departures..Beside KFC. One person in the comment section mentioned that printing cost RM0.85 for one piece. 

Hope this helps too!


  1. There's actually a better printing place in KLIA2. It's next to domestic departures.

  2. Omg. This is perfect. I'm in desperate need for a printing shop. Thank you so much for the information! Keep looking great!

  3. Great tip! They even print in color. Saved me a lot. 🙂

  4. Klia2 store called print expert. Just beside domestic departures. Just Rm 0.85 per page!

    1. And they actually charge for pc usage too. It's RM2.50 and RM1.50 per pc for colour print.

  5. Awesome tips Thank you

  6. Thank you very much for your information. We desperately need a printing service. Thanks a lot!!