Sunday, November 15, 2015


Smoked Duck and Mushroom Sauce Spaghettini (RM22) @ Mei by Fatspoon
Desa Sri Hartamas 

Once in awhile, my bestfriend comes over to KL and we enjoy eating at cafes/restaurants that I normally wouldn't go to alone..Because it's really lonely to eat nice food by yourself with the exception of your own cooking in the comfort of your own home. We also had waffles and ice cream, something that we also do at home quite often.

However, its staying at home most days for me because it really does cost a lot to go out and I've learned that the best way to save money is to just do exactly that. Not only that, but I figured out how to live healthily on a low budget. That's a really plus point.

Anyway, my dad got me a new iPhone 6 as my belated birthday present and I am so happy with it. If you are reading this, thank you again daddy!! Finally changing phones after 3+ years. I actually got it second hand from a girl who used it for about 5 months before she decided to upgrade to the iPhone 6. And I got a pretty good deal for a 64GB phone! No scratches and works perfectly well. I found her through but only after messaging a couple of ads to inquire.

And before I forget! I've added a new "Artwork" tab in my blog for all my paintings. 2015 is ending soon and I am glad that I've achieved my 2015 new years resolution by "exploring my creative side more". Painting is very therapeutic for me.

Taken with iP6 selfie camera, so clear.....*heart eyes*

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