Monday, September 21, 2015

Exploring Cyberjaya

Every time I tell someone that I live in Cyberjaya..they would tell me that it's a boring place. Well, it is when you compare it to Kuala Lumpur or Petaling Jaya. But people who've lived here before or have been living here for a long time says that Cyberjaya has come a long way since a few years ago.. now there's even a mall 10 minutes from my home (with a cinema) and tons of really good places to eat...especially burger shops, which is the cause of my suspicious weight gain *camera zooms in face*

But I am not complaining...yet. Since I came here, I have been constantly losing weight AND my hair. But both of that has stopped since earlier this month and things have been getting back to normal. I mean, other than the burger binges, I have been eating quite healthily. And I have been walking more. Happy to report that I haven't had a headache for quite some time now :)

Okay! So now that I have established myself here, I have made a few friends and have been going around and trying the many things that Cyberjaya has to offer. I was so excited to see that Plan B has a branch here and that they have a wall of plants! Great place for a photo. The restaurant is a tad bit expensive so I would need to find an occasion to eat here hehe can't wait. You can see Plan B's menu here.

OOTD time 

At Nyonya Village

There is this place called Nyonya Village that serves really yummy food (especially vegetables). I find it a tad bit expensive..for something that I can cook in my own kitchen easily. But the atmosphere is really nice so it would be worth it to bring someone on a special occasion.

MyBurgerLab - The A+ Burger

About to devour that

Now the last place I would like to highlight in this post is MyBurgerLab at Prima Avenue (also 10 minutes from my place!!). I last had this burger like 2-3 years ago and I felt that it wasn't that special. I've tried so many burger places since then, and I now think that this is one of the best. Cyberjaya is their 4th branch and I think that its less crowded than all the other branches because its a little bit harder to find (located behind Starbucks) but for me, its great because I don't have to wait so long. I would love to try their fried chicken next time

So that's about it, thanks for reading!

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