Thursday, June 18, 2015

PaintForDays Part 2

Some new paintings to feature on my blog for month of June! A lot of my artworks are inspired from photos posted on Instagram right now. I have improved my portrait painting skills but I am still struggling with  painting hair. Need more practice.

Also, I have recently moved to quiet little Cyberjaya. I am settling into my place, I like it and I also like my new housemates. But I don't like the amount of mosquitoes here :(

Naomineo (June 2015)
Photo was from Instagram account: @naomineo_
Loved it because of the red hair although I am shit at painting red hair

Pup in Pink Shadow (June 2015)
My first time painting an animal...its hard! But if it looks like a pup to you then I think at least I have a bit of talent ha ha
Photo inspiration from @saboskirt


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