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March in The Philippines - Part 1: Zambales Post

Beautiful view at one of the islands at Zambales

Two of my friends and I decided to go to The Philippines - a holiday we had talked about for some time, undecided between Thailand and The Philippines, until we decided that it was easier and less time consuming to pick the latter. End of March it is! 

I only decided to blog about it now due to procrastination. Also, I don't have Photoshop on my new laptop / tablet hybrid which makes me frustrated because I can't execute my photos as I have previously done. I hope this is sufficient enough :)

Back to the holiday, our schedule was Manila - Zambales - Manila. However, I will blog about the trip in two parts, starting with Zambales, and will also link the Manila post at the bottom of this post for your convenience sake.

Reached Zambales..yay!!

We left Manila (Makati) early morning to take a 5-hour bus ride to Zambales, costed about 330 pesos for a one way trip & air conditioned. Every few hours the bus stops for toilet breaks, during these time people will come in the bus to sell drinks / treats like those crunchy pork skins etc. I treated myself to some quail eggs for 20 pesos. (not a fun thing to do in the bus though..peeling off egg shells). Our stop was the last stop at St Felipe, where our accommodation was at. 
It's called Board Culture Liwa-Liwa., I will talk about it more below. From the drop off station, we has to take a tricycle there. Was about 10mins (of bumpy) ride. I remember how hurt my butt was, I also had to take care of our three luggages so that it wont fall off the tricycle! It was a challenge I won with only one of my leg.

Had a good laugh at this!

Sunset at St Felipe, Zambales

Fishing boats

Unfortunately it was not surf season when we went there so we couldn't go surfing even though we were staying at a surf resort. The place was pretty chill but could use more people. At night, we played billards (thanks Faith & Belle for teaching me!) and drank beer. 
The next day, the owners introduced us to a friend that could take us for island hopping so we were lucky! We rode the tricycle to St Antonio, where the islands are situated. Took about 20mins to ride there.. we passed by a huge bridge overlooking a land of sands, the small town and trees. I also saw plenty of signs of small beach resorts. Loved it.

Ice cream, smiles & tricycle! Can easily fit 3-4 adults!

Once we reached the place, we started with our island hopping adventure.. We had with us 3 'guides'.
The first island we went to, which I forget the name (I'm sorry!) was the prettiest although the sand was far from sandy perfection. It was quite hard to walk in as our feet kept sinking in. We spent most of our time hiking here, and overlooking the whole island. So gorgeous. Not much people were there, we basically had the place to ourselves. One thing I noticed was that there was a lot of broken slippers on the island!

Next we went to Anawangin Cove. Theres plenty of people here, campers mostly.
We spent our time here having lunch (instant noodles haha) and just lounging around. The view is fantastic as well..also theres plenty of shade from the high trees.

Time to get back!
Don't be deceived by the sand, it was so hot it practically felt like we were walking on satans backyard.

We went to another island, where the girls did their sun-tanning, before heading back to the mainland. I think by that time, I got my rashes all over my body and it was so itchy :(
Total we paid almost 1900++ pesos for the island hopping for our group.

View from the last island we went to. 

So here I will talk a little about the accommodation. There 3 of us stayed at a little hut like place, there was only fan but it was really strong and not hot at all. In fact, one of us even woke up in the middle of the night to turn it down! Although the space was abit had sufficient power outlets and even a place outside to sit and chill. Real cozy.

The owners were great, not only did they introduce us to the guide but they also provided food to us when we were too scared to walk to the nearby restaurants at night haha.
For 3 days & 2 night, our stay was about 1900++ pesos as well..TOTAL BILL. Cheaaap.

So thats about it :)

Our little hut.

Common area / designated smoking area

Us :D

My fav...baconsilang!! I know its so simple to make but pinoys make it better haha this cost about 180 pesos

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