Wednesday, August 27, 2014

All White

 Been loving to wear all white recently. It feels great to wear things outside of office wear, not to say office wear is boring.. if you visit, you can have tons of pretty office wear inspiration (what I would do for a Celine bag...). Anyway, I realize that I have been lagging on my blogging, but I haven't been doing much these days except work.

Accessories from Mint Candy (Sabah)! Top - Mango ; Lipstick - Revlon.

Other than work, I have been doing quite a few running, although that has slowed down this August..gotta pick that up. I went to a Crossfit Open Day at x45 Kota Kinabalu as well as helped them out during the Sabah Fitness Fest 2014 at the Stadium Likas last weekend. 

So proud of Faith for competing in Women's Open! This was during Sabah Fitness Fest 2014, 22nd till 24th August 2014. You can checkout more pictures from everyone at instagram at  #45challenge

 Another thing that I want to share is my love for ice cream :)
I know fitness and ice cream dont mix well in a post and its not good for me but I swear I don't eat this everyday.. The photos just keep piling and I havent updated in so long.

 Green Tea Ice Cream @ Muffinz Cafe, Sutera Harbour Resort
RM11.00  Nett

Dark Choc Ice Cream @ Muffinz Cafe, Sutera Harbour Resort
RM11.00  Nett
One of my favs!

Don't recall the name of this ice cream.. but the photo is nice. Taken with my new VIVO

 Coconut Ice Cream @ Mosiac, Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu
RM8.00 Nett
They serve cone which is great!

Sabah Froz @ Marina Boardwalk, Sutera Harbour Resort
RM6.00 Nett

My colleague has just shared to me today so I have yet to try it.
Will update once I do! The Ranau Teh Tarik & Api-Api Bandung looks so interesting.

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  1. I love your lace top and the chocolate ice cream looks delicious.