Monday, January 27, 2014

Meet Donut & Breakfast

Meet my adorable little black hamster, Donut. I've had him for almost 4 months now, he hates the treadmill and has grown so fat. I've recently bought him a female companion called Cous Cous, she's grey and tiny. He bullied her the first time I placed them in the cage together, and still does now, even though he bullies her still. She's a little bit more active than Donut, and very much likes her wheels so I'm glad my money is not wasted on that.

Now that I have my hamsters. I just need two more cats and a pug to complete my Pet Dream.

Bought this cute dress the other day, it wasn't cheap (Oh how I've missed you Berjaya Times Square!)  but I've always wanted a daisy patterned dress.

Can't believe my iPhone took these photos, the magic of Sunlight is strong.


aestherlyienda said...

I always wondered what happened to your cats. I believe they were mian pau and hyperr? I remembered one ran away.. how about the other one?

Marion St. Joan said...

Mian Pau had to be sent to Johor because its too much trouble bringing her back to KK :(

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