Friday, November 29, 2013

End of November

Second birthday cake, home surprise :)

I'm sorry that I have been neglecting this blog these few weeks. I've recently just entered a new phase in my life -- my first permanent job! And I've just recently turned 21 as well. So practically, I'm like any other adult out there now, destined to follow the flow of society, there is no turning back.
I hope it isn't as depressing as it sounds.. Well, all I know is that if I have goals, then that means I have something to look forward to, then it wouldn't be so bad then huh.

For now I am just adjusting myself, I have so much things to learn, and I do love learning things. I just wish my time management skills and my willpower are a little stronger because I need to exercise more!

Nonetheless, I have many things to be grateful for, like having my dad's full support throughout this 'new phase', for the new friends that I have made in my new job, new challenges that am facing and still being able to think about my eating healthy journey everyday. I feel blessed.

Hopefully I have more things to fill up this blog with, especially for traveling so we shall see how it goes.Goodnight!

 Mixed Salad with Balsamic Vinegar. Yummy actually.

Made this little muffin with no flour but sunflower seed pulp! Amazing. Interested in the recipe?

Korean loot from my aunt. I love it when she comes back with stories and gifts.
These masks are really good, the brand is called 'innisfree'
It smells great and there is a variety of flavors, here is just some of them. Can you spot the broccoli?
My fav so far is olive, the smell is divine.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marion :) I've been reading yr blog for some time now and I noticed that you had a part-time job while you were studying at uni. I'd like some advice as to how you balanced your time with everything else like yr studies, etc. Any advice is muchmuch appreciated! Also, would you rec getting a job if I'm a 1st yr uni student?

Marion St. Joan said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for commenting! So excited to know that people still read my blog haha do recommend me things to blog about ;)

Yes, I did have a part time job throughout my studies. My advise is to simply figure out your priorities, mine was my studies. Just dont let work or friends or other problems affect it because its our parents hard earned money that is paying for it.

Just find something that you feel that you enjoy. Make friends at your job, it makes the time pass by faster.

I spend time with my friends on weekdays after classes (since I lived with them anyway haha) and I spent weekend for work and pampering myself. Its not always easy, theres sometimes school activities and events that I really wanted to go but I cant. If its important, then communication with your managers are important.

By working and studying at the same time, your kinda entering the real word and that experience would really help you when you finally get a real job. Plus, employers always ask for job experiences when you go for interviews.

Hope that helps! :)

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