Friday, September 27, 2013

Growing Avocados


The other day I stumbled upon a video of how to plant avocado trees. And I had recently bought a ton of avocados at the market for my grandma and I. The locally grown avocado here costs RM9/kg (sometimes I find people selling them at RM7/kg )..very cheap as compared as the RM6/per avocado in Selangor during my studies (but those were imported though).

So why not grow my own avocados right?

I've eaten a bunch of them and have always thrown away the seeds so I think it would be more eco and beneficial for me in the future to do this. 10 years from now I probably wont have to pay for my own avocados since I not only eat them now, but I've also figured out how to create a totally natural facemask for myself. I'm determined to make it a diet staple for my family in the years to come!

Doing this with lemon seeds too seems like a good idea. I remember my grandmother had a lemon tree but had it cut down due to house renovation. Well, I hope this small beginning of mine will grow into a mini farm one day.

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