Sunday, September 22, 2013

3D2N: Sabah Kundasang and Sandakan Trip

Went on this trip on July but because of procrastination, I'm only posting about this now. But I hope you enjoy! 

Kota Kinabalu (KK)-Kundasang

Accommodation -1st Night: Strawberry Garden Hotel 

We woke up in the morning and departed from our homes at 9AM, had breakfast in Inanam before driving off to Kundasang. Check in was about 2PM so we decided to visit Poring-Poring Hot Springs. We viewed the waterfall and went on the Canopy Walk but we didn't do much or stayed long because we were rushing to check in. It would be nice though to do more hiking but we were wearing flip flops haha! We stayed overnight at the Strawberry Garden Hotel, it was cheap and the room we got is able to accommodate 5 of us so it was great, the weather was cool at night so I had a good sleep.In the evening we went to the Kundasang Memorial Park, I remember a breathtaking view and different types of gardens and reading about the POW's (Prisoners of War).

On the way to Kundasang

Mt Kinabalu will always be beautiful

Only  300m hike but can't believe how tired I was, super un-fit.

..but the view made it worth it. This was taken while going up  the canopy walk. I think it costs about RM2 or RM3 per person, but additional cost is added for every extra camera brought in. I used my phone ;)

The waterfall at the entrance.The water is really clear and it is beautiful.

Lobby of the Strawberry Garden Hotel

Other than strawberries, they also have a flower garden with lots of roses

The view from the War Memorial

Just a collage. The place is beautiful, full of nature.Not much to do but its good to read about the stories of people, maybe pray a bit for them since they have suffered so much.



 Accommodation - 2nd Night: Sandakan Backpackers 
The next day we woke up quite early to check out, wanted to get to Sandakan in time for the Orang Utan feeding time at Sepilok. But in the end we didn't make it, we were like 15-20 minutes too late. So we decided to visit the Agnes Keith house, there is even a little tea house but we didn't eat lunch there (went to have some yummy sweet & sour prawn rice yum!). Then afterwards we went to check in Sandakan Backpackers. In the evening we went to eat at this really good seafood restaurant which I don't remember.  We got lost trying to find it and we mistakenly went in the little villages thinking it could lead to the restaurant, so embarrassing. But the locals there helped us out.

Agnes Keith House, not allowed to take photos inside though. Its nice to just look through the vintage stuff and enjoy the air conditioning, I wish I was there longer though.

This place is gorgeous, a good place to have a date.

Our little lodge. Its on the same lot as KFC (well, one of the KFC's in the town) and Swiss Hotel. The map is provided on the website for anyone to look. Trying to find parking at night was horrible.
Also, a few shops down Sandakan Backpackers is this massage shop that is really cheap, and the staffs are friendly too. Definitely worth a try if you are staying around there and are having sore feet.
  This is a landmark sign. Its a bigger and easier to spot sign. Our little backpackers lodge is located opposite of it.

 Also if you are craving for McD's and a mall, the waterfront is within a walking distance.

How  amazing that people can leave behind a little bit of themselves here. Look my blog is there!

Got lost here haha. But there is a lot of trash in the sea, its really scary to see so much trash just casually thrown in there.

The restaurant that we ate at. Butter prawn was the best thing !



Before we went back, we stopped by to see the Orang Utans at Sepilok. Those creatures are soo amazing and their monkey friends are so naughty and cheeky. We then went to the market, it was really huge and I wish I had more money to bring back more food because the stuff are really fresh and they had the most amazing varieties of fresh food I have ever seen. I only managed to buy 2 avocados with my cash on hand, sads. We then proceeded to drive back to KK, it was a long and tiring journey. 


I've visited and blogged about a lot of places but I this is like my first Sabah trip. I want to do more because I feel like I haven't gotten enough of it yet.

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