Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On Fashion: Jessica Stein & Olivia Palermo

I am really a fan of polished looks. My current fav photos are these two.
Can you see the details of Jessica's outfit? I love how the black vertical lines on the dress is a little bit wider than the whites. I love the details of the sunglasses. Her manicure looks perfect and the earpiece just captures your attention doesn't it?
For Olivia, what I love most is the color combination of the top and the jacket. A little (okay,huge) sparkle really completed the look.


  1. Can I ask you something? Please. I just had to. Where did you do your hair? You curled your hair right? Can I know which saloon?

  2. Yes I curled my hair :)
    But I dont go to saloons unless I want to trim my hair haha I used my own curler