Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Last Few Weeks

I'm moving back to KK in two fast time pass by! I've been painfully busy starting from the week before exam up to a few days ago..the pain of finals, camp, programs, moving out and packing. I realize I have a lot of things..why do I have a lot of things? SIGH. I must learn to live simply.
It saddens me that I have to leave KL, I kind of like being busy and being able to travel easily to anywhere as compared to doing nothing/cleaning and not being able to travel as easily.  I just end up staying at home.
I guess what I realize about myself throughout the whole time I'm here is that I like to be productive and busy and  in control. I hope I can bring myself to find what I love in the future.

Enough babbling,I'm gonna show photos of what I've been doing post finals and before graduation up to yesterday.


Camp @ Janda Baik

How cute..Pinky & I stayed in a room called Mawar..what a coincidence! 

Super tanned now and uneven somemore..not a big fan.

The boys and Hank at the camp.

My Fav hehe

After packing most of my items,I decided to stay in Sunway with my cousins and brother.
Been cleaning their house for a few days, such a boys house here!
Herry invited me to see his new retaurant in SetiaWalk @ Puchong..its still on renovation but seeing it makes me want to have my on shop haha
We went to eat at the Korean BBQ located there at SetiaWalk as well.



Kimchi Soup

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