Friday, May 31, 2013

Kawaii Pet Megu?!!

I am currently obsessed with this iPhone app that I randomly searched almost a week ago. I was looking for "Pet" in the App Store and came across this. Obsessed is an understatement. I check my Megu the moment I wake up from my sleep. I no longer think of breakfast, I think of Megu now.

Anyways, thanks to my Dad, I have succeeded with one of my goals! I have finally got my room painted. It is not as I had envisioned but its much better than before and it just made me realize that I have to improve my wall-color picking. I love it now (probably because my drawer has arrived as well, so happy to be reunited with it. Why oh why can't Ikea be in KK? I love furniture a lot)

My next goal is to up my exercise and healthy eats more, as I have sinked into an unproductive lifestyle. April and May was such a busy month for me, I had so much activities, so much goals, and now its like kaput. Thinking of getting a job but then I'll have a job in July or August so I guess I'll take this time to improve myself in other ways. So! Since I got my blender, I can blend my smoothies now. Problem is I don't have access to the grocery store easily. Public transport again..hate it so much. Sigh..I'll just have to concentrate little by step at a time. Speaking of that, I just got my last semester results...4 flat! So proud of myself!

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