Sunday, May 19, 2013

Guide to Green Smoothie

Like you, I was one of the people who didn't have a clue what green juice or green smoothie is and why everyone else was so into it. Since I only had a blender, green smoothie was the only option for me (but I did try for an occasion to make green juice by straining the smoothie with a coffee strainer haha took me quite some time). I've only made it about 3 times so far because unfortunately I had to pack my blender and cargo it back home so I'm excited to finally get my hands on it again!

What made me actually start trying green smoothies was because a lady did a body test on my coursemates and I during our trip to experience a "business meeting" of entrepreneurs. That lady owns a health/slimming company of sorts. So anyway, one thing I can tell you is that they actually have a machine that can test your body age and found out that my body is 29 years old! Others who were the same age as me were 18-22 years old in body age *CRYYY*

Another thing she checked for us was the Visceral Fat,which is also known in the picture as Intra-abdominal fat. It is the fat that surrounds the organs. Both skinny and overweight people can have visceral fat, overweight being the most likely. So anyways, we got it checked, and everyone else got 2 and mine was at 4!! I asked her what was the best number to have and the obvious answer was 1. Does that mean I'm more prone to Diabetes and Heart Diseases..especially in the future? Shit.

So after that, I made a decision to start trying green smoothies because I have a realization that I have not been eating a lot of vegetables. Fruits? Yes. Vegetables? No. Funny how after we find out things about our bodies that we actually try to do something. 

My first green smoothie had leeks and tomatoes in it among other things...I had to force myself to consume the whole glass. Anyway, I got used to it and I constantly experimented to find the perfect taste. One thing that I noticed was green poop and better sleep (I almost didnt want to wake up to study for exams because sleep was great!). To me, green smoothies are a great way to incorporate greens in our diet and also a healthy way to get micronutrients.

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