Sunday, May 5, 2013

Graduation Trip: Asian Water Sports Village

I've graduated! My classmates and I just completed our exams last week and two days after, went to our graduation trip at Asian Water Sports Village. It was great. We rented a huge three story villa for the 14 of us for a 3 Days 2 Nights stay. So I'll start with the accommodation first, then the activities. We took almost 1000 photos (combined) during our trip but I'll only post a few :)


Accommodation: The villa is actually one of these really modern homes called 'Lake View Homes', a modern version of a townhouse as one 'building' consist of two housing units. The difference is you either can get a nice backyard or a really nice rooftop view. Our villa was the rooftop so I'll let you see photos of the view later because we had a rooftop barbeque at night. It was great. Our unit had 3 floors which consisted of 4 bedrooms. One thing that I didn't like about the place was that it was really hot during the day, especially in the room that I was staying in because the sun directly face it and you really can feel the heat. It would be really uncomfortable if not for the air conditioning.

Food: In our package, food for BBQ was provided but all the soft drinks, water, breakfast and maggi and everything else was on our account so if you are interested to have a getaway, stock up! There are also shops nearby if you wish to eat out as well. After all, it is mostly a residential area.

One thing that I really love though is that it's full of mirrors! It makes the rooms look really spacious and bright in the daytime. And I really love the design of our villa, a mix of modern grey, red and white. Gorgeous. It has a living room where you can lounge around and watch TV or play Xbox, there is also a  dining table surrounded by 8 chairs, both a dry and wet kitchen (there is even a slide door between the dry and wet kitchen to prevent the smoke from stinking up the place if you're cooking)

It has a foosball table on the second floor! But the boys used it to dry their clothes after we came back from our water activities.

Modern grey design. Love it.


Wet kitchen.

Really pretty lake view in the morning at the wet kitchen. I woke up at 6.30am to make breakfast.

Had this. Yummm!

Wet kitchen.


Dining table and stairs leading to the rooms. And thats me, just woke up from my nap after coming back from the sports activities. I had a really nice Maggi Laksa, was so excited to eat it!

TV and Raymond!

Front door and dry kitchen.

That's Levine :p

Mimi, Tasha and I shared a room.

Stocked up: Plenty of space in the refrigerator!

 Bought all these for 14pax for 3D2N!

View from the living room.

Such a good place to chill or fish

Main Activity

Main Activity: Water sports! After all, its called the Asian Water Sport Village. We came here to have fun in the sun! From the villa, you have to drive up to the pick up point which is located about 5-10 minutes away. Morning pick up was 10am so we left the villa at 9.30am+ and when we reached there,  we parked at the visitors parking lot and proceeded to walk to the jetty pick up point. There is a signboard there stating the pick up time. So a jetty will pick you up and bring you to a little private beach where all the fun games are at and you are allocated a time slot to play all the games that you want! It was included in our package, except for the Jetski which you'll have to fork out RM68 for 15mins. Everyone is required to wear a life jacket, no matter how experienced you are in swimming, and even if you only want to dip your feet in the water. You'll have to wear a helmet once you start playing the watersports though. Either way, its a great place for groups for fun and bonding time, its definitely a thumbs up from me!

Tip 1: Stretch before you play any games! Most of us got our neck strained and body ache, which lasted for days after that.  I would suggest buying Tiger Balm for Neck & Shoulders at your nearest Watson/Guardian outlet, it worked wonders for me.

Tip 2: To all those people who aren't keen on water sports, if you are also an internet freak then no fret! Because they also provide wifi on the beach.

Tip 3: Sunblock! Sunblock! Sunblock!


Reached the beach!

First group photo, before the games start.


For those who love to laze and tan



Me holding on for dear life

Being a mermaid

Saving Tai

Fighting the guy!

2 hours+ felt like 5 hours. It started to rain the same time we went back. Thank goodness!

 BBQ Time!! All these (except the balloons and the bottles of soft drinks) were provided in our package! More than enough food!


Mimi & May so cute!

I was the photographer of the evening

Rooftop view at night. Beautiful ain't it?

Having fun!

I truly had a good time. Graduating gave me mixed feelings, I'm happy and I'm sad at the same time that my journey has ended so fast. It's time for me to pack my bags and move back and figure out my next move.


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  2. Hi Dear,

    Sorry I accidentally deleted ur comment ahah I used photoshop 'Animation' to create the gif :)

  3. hi :) may i know how u book the villa? who to contact? :)

  4. Hi T,
    I'm not sure because one of my classmates organized this..but you can contact the number available on the AWSV website

    Hope that helps!

  5. hi, just wondering where can i booked the bungalows that you and your mates have stayed in? as i am interested in organizing a school trip too! i went to the asian water sports village website, but it didnt have any information about those villas. hence, i really do need your help! thanks

    PS: nice photos !


  6. Hi, yes you can get information from the villas. But you have to call them, the number is available on the website but I'll list it down below.
    Because the villas that we have booked is under the name of the AWSV. I wasn't the organizer, simply just a person going on a trip. This is all I know :)

    Call : 016-229 1030 / 016-227 1030 / 016-262 1030 (9.30am – 7.00pm)

  7. Hi, may I know the price to stay 2 nights at the villa + the activities?? Is that a package??

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm sorry I can't answer your question as I wasn't the organizer. But all I can tell you is that I paid around RM250 for my stay. All activities, accommodation and food are included (except the ones that we buy ourselves)

    Also, we carpool-ed to go to the place.

    Hope that helps


    1. RM250 per person. We had around 13 people so I think the total was RM3000+++