Thursday, May 16, 2013

516: Makeup Practice

Bored at home. So I decided to practice my slowly deteriorating makeup skills.
Not bad! Don't know what to do with the eyebags matter how much concealer I use.
Besides, its not like I have sleeping problems. 

Low Ponytail. Lipstick. Gold Earrings and Black Sunnies.
This means business.


Makeup used:
Sephora Lipstick
Topshop Eye-cream shadow
2in1 Eyeliner
Some random Korean mascara I got for free
Maybeline Eyeshadow
Revlon Concealer


  1. your pic in the sunglasses - looked like Michelle Phan

    btw, love yr headband, did u DIY it?

  2. Hiya, Thanks! :)
    Nopes, I bought it at a boutique shop in sg wang, bukit bintang.