Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day Out in Publika

Finally went to Publika after months of mentioning (but never doing anything about it). I like how creative the whole place is and the fact that its not crowded :3 Plus some of the things that I have been wanting to buy are sold here! Love it. The three of us..Natasha, Ddee and I went there together, Faith wasn't around because she has a job in Penang so she couldn't have a lookie.

Neways, have fun looking at the photos!

Ddee browsing through House of Eight. Love how this shop somehow is located in an office area, as in the same floor as an associates office.

Pretty Ddee


Random cute shop

Walking in Publika is like this.

Found out theres a Wondermilk shop here. SUPER PRETTY.
I dream of a Mimirello shop too one day haha

Inside Wondermilk, to the right


At the counter

 Cupcakes costs about RM4.50each if I'm not mistaken *gasp*

Chocolate peppermint and Red Velvet

 Ddee and I


More Publika

Natasha and I


 I want to buy ALLLLLL

Hello Archie Grand! Adding it to my collection!

 Late lunch at O'Briens
Club sandwich tasted good and the salad as well :)

Love this shop but everything is so expensive.


  1. What camera? What u use to edit your shots?

  2. For this post I just used my iPhone :)