Monday, March 25, 2013

Penang Trip: Part III


On our third and final day of our 3D2N Penang trip, we have decided that we wanted to go cycling (after two days of not being able to get a bicycle despite our efforts) and go mural hunting, you can see photos of the murals in a seperate post that I've posted HERE. I woke up as early as 8am++ to shower and get ready, the hotel served simple and sufficient breakfast for us. Egg, Sausages and Toast, no complaints there as the hospitality was great :)

The hotel actually rents out bicycles to guest at RM15+RM100 (returnable deposit), but on our second day there wasn't enough bicycles to cater to three of us so we walked and rode the bus. But on the third day we were the first to rent the three bicycles! A moment of happiness for us all--until we realized that we were too short to ride the bicycles. What an embarrassing and funny moment! Thankfully, we got a refund an a kind man guided us to a shop renting shorter bicycles. Whew.

We did manage to take pictures of four murals and saw another one (but I was too lazy to take a photo of it), we also saw that one mural was already destroyed as the paint came off. There were alot of tourists as well and people doing photoshoots with the murals so sometimes it was quite crowded. Sometimes we would encounter strange individual who have a knack of following you around, especially around the mural areas so do be careful and take notice of your surroundings when you travel there.

The weather was scorching hot and cycling on the main roads (in search of the tau foo fah) was stressful. We also visited the Peranakan museum, which costs RM20 per entry per person, I wonder why its so expensive. One of the person working there lied to his colleague that we were Filipino and that colleague shocked us when he came out of nowhere, asked us something in Tagalog and realized that his friend tricked him when us girls didn't understand a word he said.

Overall it was a good trip, I have not recovered from my sunburned skin yet, kind of sad about that. Some people like to get tanned but I don't like it, no matter how "sexy" it looks (on some).

We got back to our hotel at 1pm to get our stuff and to also return back the bicycle. We proceeded to ride a bus to Komtar, the main hub for busses and rode the bus to the airport, where we ate KFC and waited for our flight back to KL. From LCCT, we took the bus to One Utama mall, where our housemates so kindly helped picked us up (Thank You!!) and had dinner with us.

Outside a vintage toy shop.

Strange toy baby


The mural cat loves me

The insides of the Peranakan Museum

Old school bed

Old School TV

Old School Camera



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