Sunday, March 24, 2013

Penang Trip: Part II

Red Inn Heritage, where we stayed during our 2nd night. Really cute!

Checking out! Time to take the bus!
*we still haven't quite figured out how or where to stop*
In this post,instead of an itinerary timeline, I'll just type as I go.

Somehow we ended up in Pulau Tikus area and we wanted to look for the temple. And we found an adorable art gallery! It makes me want to paint. Unfortunately I forgot what its called.

Art books

 Really lovely

And we found this beautiful little garden!

Now I truly understand what my lecturer explained about aesthetic pollution.. the temple and high rise buildings do not match at all. Sometimes when I walk through a neighborhood in Penang with little vintage houses, somewhere a really tall building will pop out of nowhere.

I wish I had a home crawling with leaves

We've finally reached Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Buddhist Temple at Lorong Burma after asking directions from the art gallery man. Do not mistake Lorong Burma for Jalan Burma because those two are two different roads, you can access Lorong Burma through Jalan Burma or through Jalan Kelawei.

 Team Super Pink Backpack!

It had started raining after that and we had to walk for 10-15 minutes to get to the next bus stop to find our way to Love Lane, where our hotel Red Inn Heritage was situated [hotel: first photo shown]

While waiting for the bus. Took a really long time..

 The bus dropped us super far from the hotel so we had to walk. We were wondering where the other tourist got bicycles.. we wanted one so desperately but none were available during our second day.
We walked by this really pretty St. George's Church at Lebuh Farquar before passing through the Penang Museum and the Cathedral of the Assumptions.

There was two Red Inn's in Love Lane. Ours was the one situated next to the Reggae Penang. Before we went in, we had lunch at a little shop 2 minutes away from the inn, the uncle made some kickass fried rice and was super nice!

Fef's legs photobombing me =.=

Look at the really cute mushrooms!

 Mini kitchenette to toast your bread and make coffee and take water and stuff

Someone bought new shoes for Penang

Sorry I didnt really have a good photo of the room.
It was comfortable 3-person room with a bunk bed, clean sheets and a little cupboard with a socket to charge your electronic things. Super cool.

Little tasha

The girls having a rest

Then it was time for us to explore, we wanted to find Ghee Hang to buy some souvenir snacks, Tau Foo Fah shop and the murals [but we didn't have time for the murals so we only went the next day]

We managed to get to Ghee Hang but didnt get to the Tau Foo Fah shop because of the horrible map that I had been reading and because of my horrible sense of directions.
But we did come across Fort Cornwallis.

 Reading the map, sneaky Tasha just loves to take random shots

 Fort Cornwallis!


Good day to you Mr Francis Light!

After Fort Cornwallis, we decided to go the Gurney Plaza to visit the Hawker Stall. We had to ride a bus there, fortunately the bus wasn't too slow. We stopped by Gurney Plaza mall and got confused on how to get to the hawker stall. We searched online and all the information people gave (as well as the maps) were bullsh** because in the end the hawker stall turned out to be situated just nearby whenwe had already walked SO FAR and ate so much. But what we ate didn't seem to taste good except for this dessert that we ate at this place called Crepe Cottage along Gurney Drive (Persiaran Gurney). We had the 'Penang Special' and it good. Everytime I see the photo,it makes me wanna have one instantly.

Crepe Cottage,Penang; House turned Restaurant/Dessert Shop

Tasha wanted to do Hanna Art on her hand at Gurney and in the end all three of us got Hanna :p

 Closeup of mine

By the time we finished walking around and being tourist-y, we decided to go back to our hotel. We followed the bus again and walked back to our hotel. I never want to walk in an alley at night again in my life. Plus, the old houses filled with birds were too damn creepy at night.


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