Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Penang Trip : Part I

Day One
5.30am: Left home by Taxi to 1Utama>LCCT Skybus
8.30am: Departed from LCCT
9.30am: Arrived at Penang Airport
10.00am: Took the 102 bus to Batu Ferringhi
11.30am: Reached Batu Ferringhi, Got lost for 5 minutes trying to locate our hotel
12.00pm: Finally got to check into our hotel
12.20pm: Found food & went to the beach for a look
1.40pm  : Trying to figure out the bus system,decided to go to the Tropical Spice Garden.
2.00pm  : Explored Tropical Spice Garden
3.40pm  : Bought souvenirs, had a rest and ate snacks at Tree Monkey
4.30pm  : Stopped by the beach
5.30pm  : Hard Rock Hotel Penang
6.30pm  : Back to hotel
7.40pm  : Went to dinner
8.30pm  : Toured around the night market
10.00pm: Went for a fish spa and a foot massage for tasha
12.00am: End of Day 1

Addicted to expensive word search books!



Had a cheap lunch, I loved the bee hoon goreng ikan masin :3

Tropical Spice Garden

 Entry Fees

Tropical Spice Garden

Looking short as usual

Free ginger+stevia tea! Wish they had ice, it was such a hot day.

Love the little cooking area

The little restaurant stated at the end of our Tropical Spice Garden map was the Tree Monkey

Our seating area was lovely

I forgot who ordered the 'Baby Monkey' drink haha

My drink: Thai Ice Tea with Milk


Crunchy Fried Kangkung

The beaches in Penang were so blue but I didn't particularly like the sand, it felt fake. Public beaches are probably like that but I'm not too sure on the private ones.

Dropping by to have a look!

Cute little thing at the night market

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