Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Penang Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

 "Little Children on a Bicycle" Armenian Street

Prior to our trip, the only reason I was excited for Penang wasn't because of the food (although a particular dessert left me very impressed, as well as the Bihun Ikan Masin in Batu Ferringgi), but the reason was because of the murals by Mr. Ernest Zacharevic. The first time I heard about his art was when I went to Urbanscapes last year, so I did some research and I was really charmed by photos of the murals online. What beauty. Raw art.

I wanted see them for myself.

And I did. The first one I saw was when I was in the bus on the way to Batu Ferringgi, of a girl and some flying balloons (but I now I don't think that it was by him because I can't find that mural anywhere online) we had just landed and were going to check in to our first hotel. We only managed to go mural hunting on the 3rd and last day of our stay before we had to take the plane back to LCCT. So we rented some bikes...the whole incident was quite funny because the first batch of bikes we rented was too high for us and our feet couldn't even reach the ground! Should have checked on it first... Thankfully a really kind old man helped us by suggesting a place which rented bicycles just short enough for us (I was kind of weary but he turned out to be nice).

Some parts of the city were quite fun to cycle through but going to the roads was super hot and kind of scary. But we managed. We saw more murals but these were the ones that were easier to photograph with our limited time and willpower (haha). The ones that we did not see turned out to be on the same street that we have cycled or even walked pass through a few times =.=

I would definitely go back there more prepared and hopefully with a Penang friend that could show me around.

And how I wish KK would be lucky enough to have this kind of art around. Maybe I should start doing some paintings so I can immortalize my children by painting them on the walls of my future home.




 "Reaching Up" Cannon Street

 I don't drink Cola anyways so the kid doesn't have anything to worry about anyways

 "Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur" & "Boy on a Bike" Ah Quee Street

"Boy on a Bike"

 "Little Girl in Blue"



His other works can be found on his website:


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