Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Books: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Say Hello to my very first biography.
I can't put down this book, I think I'll finish it in a day or two. It never occurred to me to read a biography before, I always tend to read fiction. If it wasn't for the leadership program, or the fact that our coach suggested me to read a book on a person who inspires me for my Mind/Spiritual goal for that program, I wouldn't have read it. He was the first inspirational person to come into my mind even though I never thought of him as my inspiration before. The book costs RM100 and even though I was reluctant to spend so much money when I've already spent more than RM400+ for my Penang trip and will have to spend more on a college trip as well as my graduation trip, I eventually did because of my goals, so I guess I'll have to stay hungry & stay foolish then.

I saw books on Coco Chanel, Freddie Mercury & more and I'm thinking of getting them too in the near future. Maybe this will help me find myself? We always know what we don't want, but we don't exactly know what we want, thats what I want to find.

I'll post the Penang photos once I'm done editing them.

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