Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nestle Dinner

Beauty through my eyes

Yesterday's dinner was fine. Regretted that I didn't have something to eat before that. We could only eat at 9pm, by then I was practically stuffing my face and I was dreaming about Indomee (which I had after that) and Red Wine (which I didn't). A lot people actually remembered me, you can say that I was very 'terharu', quite happy. I wanted to talk to people but I'm really shyyy, how do I overcome this problem?? To an extent, this competition gave a boost to my confidence but it would be nice to build more.

More photos below!


I love this

Went crazy with dessert

Food. And ugh. Maruku. I think I can't eat powdery food or food that can be powdery when chewed because its so easy for it to get caught in my throat, causing me to cough horribly.

With Natasha

Chef Johari aka Chef Joe from Masterchef Malaysia

The boyz. KBU represent!

At least I got something for my resume :)

Below are photos from the first day of the competition that I haven't posted yet:

Love my classmates who came to support!

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  1. you're so cute! love your blog!