Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nestle Competition

Look at my adorable (not so little) Mian Pau, lying outside my window. I don't know why these cats love to go to my window so much, I fear that one day they will jump to their deaths. But so far nothing has happened and they don't stay very long so I let them. Anyway, they have a collar now! As Mimi said "They look like they got owner now."

Plus side, they look super adorable.

By the way, I have been disqualified from the Nestle coffee competition. I actually got a chance to be one of the 6 finalist as my coffees were No. 4 among the 20++ people who competed on Thursday and Friday. That was amazing and I'm not even a culinary or beverage student! That just proves that dedication and commitment can actually achieve something. I was intimidated by the others during the competition day because compared to the other contestants, mine was quite simple, I didn't have fancy 'breads' or 'snacks' to serve alongside my coffee so I just thought "The heck,as long as I love my coffee, it's fine by me."

I finished my coffees just in time for the guy to ring the bell and the judges tasted my coffee, of course I had some criticism regarding hygiene, preparation and too little communication and its hard to accept but when they told me that it was the best coffee that they have tasted that morning, my heart just about burst in happiness, even though I was only just the 3rd contestant.

The people..
So far everyone I met at the competition was really nice and really made it a memorable time for me. From the runners who were assigned to help me wash my things & serve my drinks, the random students/ lecturer who came up to me to congratulate & even asked to try my coffee (what? me!?!), the random Nestle volunteer students who joked and helped me when I needed help, the chef that was actually there for the cooking competition came and tried my drink, even liking it (!!!).
Not to mention that my whole class came by to support me by surprise. How amazing is that?! I was surprised and I didn't know what to feel, my mind just went autopilot, and right now I'm really thankful for them. My lecturers who have been there since Day 1, who even picked me up at 6.30 a.m...I'm really touched.

Everything, and everything was amazing so I don't really want to talk about my disqualification except for the fact that Nestle should have been a little bit more fair and more professional as an organizer. Plus they should really put everything in black and white and the person in charge should not be so 'It's our event, we can do anything we want.' because other people are involved too and they should think about the people. Anyway, I've accepted that fact when I first got the news so I'm not extremely sad because so many great things happened and I don't like to think about negatives but the fact that my lecturers are all upset because of the organizers makes me upset too. I'm going to the dinner tonight to receive my participation certificate so we'll see how that goes.

Enough about that, I shall continue the post with pictures now!

To get this shot I had to  pull out their 'tail toy' because they instantly turn cute the moment they see it!

 Kuih Cincin, for the house :)

One of my fav snack

My breakfast today. Simple and I love it.

Breakfast that I wish I could eat everyday.

Age is creeping in.

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