Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Human Cat

I'm a sucker for cute things. Things like cat headbands. Didn't plan to buy this headband but how could I resist!?
They look like they have lights but they actually don't, they're just these diamond-y things, its just that we took the photos on a dark backround. Somehow, doing that, I feel 3 years younger hahah

I have been inactive lately, one reason is because the Nestle competition is this Thursday. My heart is jumping to my throat, I'm that nervous. And also, my cousins have moved to a new place at Sunway and I have been helping with moving and spending time with them and just got back yesterday morning.

So far, my room is not cleaned and my laundry is not washed.

I'll keep updating if there is anything more interesting than that.

Look my friends are cats too!

Mian Pau

Also, my real cats have collars now (thanks to Mimi). They simply look nummy nummy!

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  1. Great photos. This is super cute!