Saturday, December 29, 2012

One Ingredient Beauty Remedies

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So I was lying down in bed the other day, feeling very un-pretty, thinking why we humans have to grow old and how a particular wrinkle under my eye will never be indelible.
And to think that we humans have created thousands of products to 'keep us young' and yet our bodies still continues its aging process despite it.

I had this favorite mask that I always buy at Watson/Guardian and I suddenly thought about one the ingredients that it uses--lemons. Hmm...lots of beauty products uses lemons right? So I had some lemons at home, maybe I could use that for something. And I googled 'Lemon Juice for Face' and so many things popped of them was linked to this blog that I've credited above, the homeremediesblogger.

Guess what? I found so many awesome tips!

Here are just some of my favorites and some things that I can't wait to try because I always have these in the kitchen. Hopefully it will replace at least half of the products I use.

Coconut Oil
For bruises and as hot oil hair treatment. Coconut oil is expensive. I know because before the holidays, I got myself one from the organic section of the local supermarket. Cost about RM18 for the smallest bottle (about 250 ml).

Use as make-up remover. One day, I'll try this.

Use as toner. I've tried this, I just squeezed a little lemon juice on a cotton pad and use it like I use a toner. It stings for about half a second but after that it's okay. My face feels and smells fresh! I have used this for two days now, I wonder how long will it take to make this pimple scar that I've had since October to disappear..I'll update this when it does.

Egg Yolk
Use as hair mask. This is one of the best. I've always wondered what am I going to do with all the excess egg yolks, I don't want to throw them away but I don't want to eat all of them too. I guess it could be of use to me now.

So that's about it, I hope you guys enjoy this post!

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