Friday, December 21, 2012

My Absence

I've been back in KK for about 3 weeks now for the holidays. Went straight back after internship (after a few errands like passing my kitties to their new temporary mama and stuff).

So what have I been doing for the past 3 weeks?

Well, one of the things that I have committed myself to is the Nestle Coffee Challenge that I will be competing in January next year. So for the first 10 days since I've been back, I've been practicing and adjusting my recipes. I know, I know..such a small excuse to not blog. But I've kind of settled to my old KK routine when I got back, and that means spending half of my day doing chores and cooking. Its great and all that I get to give back by helping around the house, but at week 3, its draining me. I want to have a purpose or at least a little goal/task to accomplish. I want to go out but I can't use any of the cars here and I dont like using public transportation here anymore. I think my goal next year is to save money for a car. I think its about time, winning that Nestle competition will bring me closer to my goal. My point is, after doing all of the things mentioned above, all that I want to do is just watch TV and sleep. Such a lazy bum.

Plus, I've been eating alot and I think I'm about 5kg heavier than I should be and I'm not a motivated as I was a few months ago. Daddy was right, I'm eating too much. Argh!

I guess I'll hit the threadmill later then. Over and out.

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