Sunday, November 25, 2012

Part 1 : Urbanscapes 2012

Thank You for Tourism Selangor for the Saturday pass tickets to Urbanscapes 2012.
It's actually my first Art Festival and I'm glad I get to experience it, now I know what to prepare if I get the chance to go again in the future! Proper shoes is on the top of my list.
One thing I noticed is the community, it's like an explosion of good looking and well dressed hipster-ish people. It burns my eyes in a good way.
Also glad that I didnt spend much money, mostly on food..unhealthy festival foods from ice-cream to fries to hotdogs and nachos. Thankfully I don't enjoy Cola, water is my best friend.
I came at around 3pm, and the weather was exceedingly hot! The perfect time to be there was around 7pm when the sun is halfway down and the lights are all up. More people.
It was good.

Anyways, here are the photos. Second post coming soon as I'm still editing the photos. It's a lot but not as much as I should have taken. Maybe next time.

View Part 2 : Urbanscapes 2012 Here


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