Sunday, November 4, 2012

2 Days 1Night Genting & Miss Astro Chinese International 2012 Grand Finals

Spent the weekends with 3 of my other housemates at Genting! The reason we went there in the first place was to watch the Miss Astro Chinese International Grand Final. Won by the super adorable Miss Denise Camilia ( You can see her in some videos in jinnyboytv and DanKhooProductions on Youtube). It was a great event/show, even though I didn't understand most of it because it's in Cantonese but I had my friends beside me (who, by the way, are so kind) to translate for me. All the dresses in the show, worn by both contestants and MCs were so pretty! Especially all the white dresses worn by all the contestants at the beginning of the Grand Finals. I want them all. Anyway, I had fun, except for the part where I got really bad stomach pains from eating McD's (or anything as a matter of fact) at midnight. Really horrible, should have brought a banana or just ate 2 piece of nuggets only instead of more than half of the set. My stomach is not used to eating late at night anymore.

Managed to finally find a hotel near Genting as all the hotels online were fully booked on that date! Thanks to my amazing Google skills, we didn't have to overnight in the car, which was great because I really don't want to see a random face staring back at me through the window if I were to randomly wake up when sleeping.  We stayed at Elementz Hotel Gohtong Jaya, which had a reasonable price for a family room.

The next day we went to eat durian, went in SnowWorld, had one of the best lunch I've eaten in a long time at a local chinese restaurant and visited the Strawberry Farm, which was a first for me. Didnt stay for a long time though, as it was drizzling and the weather was so cold and it was almost time to go back home.

Enjoy the photos :)

 I look like shit because I can't stand the cold

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