Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's in My Bag?

Word of the Day: Fundamental (meaning basic or essential)

Featuring the bag from The Girl and her Little Green Quilted Bag!
Actually the color is called 'bottle' on the website but it looks green to me. And now it looks black in the photos. How awesome is my bag?!
Anyway, I'm usually a big bag kind of girl, especially when I go shopping, its easier to shove things in when you buy them, but sometimes I enjoy bringing just the fundamentals...well, at least I just consider this such. I have two phones because one is for internet (can't live without it!) and one is for calling and such. And I just love the Nokia too much because it was a surprise to me given by my dad.

The essentials:-
Vincci Purse and Watch
Victoria Secret lipgloss (see here)
Sunblock (I love using Biore. Tips: the more '+++' it has, the better it will protect your skin.)
Notebook (I need this always)
Nokia E72
iPhone 4

On another note, Lana Del Rey's new music video is up featuring the song 'Ride' from her upcoming album "Born To Die: Paradise Edition". I love almost all of her songs.

Lana Del Rey "Ride" Official Music Video
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